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We listen, learn about your business and then let's make a difference together

This program is ideal for a person who is already a business owner and may have a few or more years under their belt.  You want to grow, but have challenges.  Whether your challenges are with staffing, financing, administration or getting processes in writing, this is where I and my team can help.

By signing on to our "Monthly Coaching" program we can help in many ways:

  • First we review the financials to take a look at the health of the company.  

  • If the financials are questionable or non-existent, we can take steps in getting them accurate

  • We can act as a third party to government obligation issues

  • Be a second eye for your bookkeeper and support them with their own challenges

  • Plan your growth and eventually your exit strategy

  • We have editors in-house for any needed written materials (Standard operating manuals, website copy, blogs, etc).

  • Cash flow and budget strategies

Our monthly packages are customized to your needs.  Book a free 30 minute consultation and we can customize a monthly package that will suit your budget.


 Please Note:  All sessions will be via Zoom, Skype, Teamviewer or Anydesk.  Other conferencing technology is accepted.

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