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Everyone has creativity inside themselves.  I never realized this included me until I found the time to balance my business and personal life.  I became a student of photography shortly after I sold our first business.  I finally had the time to seek out my own creativity and I realized it was making me smile.  The creative soul was emerging.


I am now at a stage to merge my craft into my business life.  My photography and creative abstract mediums are ready to hit the market for all to enjoy.  My day job will always be my coaching services and Bruce Peninsula Business Alliance.  That's what I do and it gives me so much pleasure to help people succeed with their business endeavors.  That is my expertise.

Photography with a charitable twist - I believe in the gift of giving.  For charitable organizers I make this offer to you; 


For any fundraisers you are planning, I offer one canvas at cost and another free canvas for your event. Yes, that would be 2 canvas of your choosing from my gallery.  Use it any way you wish to raise the funds you need.  It is my gift for your hard work organizing such an event.

Contact me directly and I will make it happen.


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