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Say a little, mean a lot

You have one brief, beautiful, unique life to live, and only a limited handful of matches with which to set your world a blaze. Don’t you dare waste them – David DuChemin

Well doesn’t that hit home. I lit one of those matches this weekend on a cool photography technique I recently learned. I took an ordinary picture and turned it into an abstract orb.

So cool that I spent all day Sunday creating over 50 of these from old pictures I really didn’t like. The best part, my photography instructor LOVED them. I am all excited about my new found creativity that has lit my passion for beautiful things that I actually made myself.

When I do things myself, I get more value from it and it lights my fire for living. Whether we are proud of creating a life that is full of fun and happiness, participating in a grueling race but you cross that finish line or achieving the loss of 10 lbs this month, when you achieve things on your own you get a much more satisfying feeling that lasts for a very long time.

Light your own match and then the next one and the one after that.

This simple quote above by David DuChemin really says a lot.

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