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I just might be the expert you are looking for. I have been in the accounting industry since the age of 18 which gives me over 40 years of experience. I can't believe time has past by so fast. And, what a wild ride it has been. After 20 years of bookkeeping I decided to start my own company and it has been very rewarding. Hundreds of clients in all industries. I sold my first practice in 2013 to move onto coaching bookkeepers and business owners. The strength of a company is not only in the greatness of the business owner, but the greatness of a good and accurate bookkeeper. I can accommodate most time zones and locations. I have clients close to my home, in other provinces and in other countries. Outside of most coaches, I have the additional strength to act as the second eye to the on-site bookkeeper. Too many people have been thrown into a bookkeeping position with no formal training. The stress wondering if they are doing things right can be daunting. With my company as an extension to the business owner, their bookkeeper and even their accounting firm can very well relieve that stress. With today's technology I can do the job as if I was on-site. Team Viewer, Any Desk, Zoom and Skype are some of my favorite remote access programs. I live in the town of Tobermory, but my clients can be anywhere. I am also a mentor to people who are wanting to start their own business. My year long program ensures I will be with you every step of the way. In my spare time I am an author. My latest book on Amazon "Breathe! - You Got This" simply inspires people to live their passions in business. I am co-authoring "Simply Amazing Women" which will be launched May, 2020. I am an abstract painter, a photographer and a retired scuba instructor trainer. Like I said it has been a wild ride over these past few decades. By all means, lets connect. I am sure we can work together!

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