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Breathe! You Got This

Stop standing on the side lines.  It's time to get in the game.  Being in business is your dream, your passion and you think about it all the time.  But, how can you make sure you will be successful?

In her book, Sandi addresses how to overcome the fear of failure.  Being in business for over two decades has given her the insight to help you hit the ground running with confidence.

This is the open door you have been looking for.  It's time to walk through.


Simply Amazing Women

If ever there was a good time to publish an inspirational collection of stories, it's now. Simply Amazing Woman is about choosing the kinds of responses during adversity that translate to survival and courage. While these mini-biographies were compiled before Covid-19, they highlight the ongoing need for inspiration now as never before, and is intended, like its predecessor Simply Amazing Special Author’s Edition, to provide the encouragement to not just go on with life, but make it the best possible.

The examples posed by these women all demonstrate paths to rising above adversity. Readers receive a survey filled with intense battles involving self-healing, transformation, and the kind of self-improvement that leads to helping others both through example and by outward-oriented effort.

I am honored to be included in this most inspiring book series

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