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Breathe! You Got This!:
Fortunes Favor The Inspired

Stop standing on the side lines. It's time to get into the game. Being in business is your dream, your passion and you think about it all the time. But, how can you make sure you will be successful? You have far too many "what ifs" buzzing around in your head. In her book, Sandi addresses how to overcome the fear of failure. Being in business for over two decades has given her the insight to help you hit the ground running with confidence. Sandi will teach you how to think with your heart and live your true and passionate self. When you do this, there will be no excuses and no holding you back. After reading this book you will be unstoppable! This is the open door you have been waiting for. It's time to walk through.

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Simply Amazing Women

Simply Amazing Women continues celebrity radio host K. C. Armstrong's theme of human resiliency. Each of his13 interviews showcases a woman who courageously faced severe challenges and ultimately used the experience for the benefit of others. It's not just about being a survivor; it's about surviving to ease the path of people facing their own life challenges: addiction, discrimination, poverty, violence, and more.

Armstrong (formerly of the Howard Stern Show) uses his own background of self-destruction and poor choices to weave together excerpts of aired interviews taken from his WMAP Radio station. The diverse chapters and Armstrong's commentary offer examples of hope, compassion and forgiveness. Armstrong himself has turned his life around and has dedicated his remaining years to encouraging others to make whatever adjustments are necessary to obtain their own redemption, understanding, and inner peace. The upbeat message is one of belief in one's own power to handle whatever life brings-with dignity and resolve.

Following his best-seller Simply Amazing, Special Author's Edition (2019) Simply Amazing Women is published to celebrate and honor our mothers and grandmothers: women of strength, passion, and wisdom.

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