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How To Order


  • Click on “Let’s Chat” to send me a message.

  • Tell me about your picture choice(s). Please include Code #.

  • Let me know the size you would like.

  • I will send you a quote (the cost of the canvas differs per size).

  • Once confirmed I will send a request for payment.

  • Once paid in full, the order will arrive within 2 – 4 weeks.


(Canvas sales range from $110.00 – $500.00 depending on size)

Canvas and Epoxy Artwork

  • All artwork is custom-made for you. No two are the same.

  • Click on “Let’s Chat” to send me a message.

  • Let me know of your preferred piece or pieces.  Please include Code #.

  • Abstract artwork is custom boards “12” x 8” - $110.00 per board.

  • Epoxy jars are 4” x 4” - $55.00 per jar.

Discounts are offered for multiple purchases.

Custom sizes are available in regard to the abstract boards.

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